About SQLiteDB

SQLiteDB provides cloud hosted SQLite databases, which can be accessed remotely via a secure API. SQLiteDB brings the excellent features and agility of SQLite to the modern web and makes it accessible to work with from anywhere.

The SQLite database engine is arguably the most used database in the world. While the database itself is well tested and works reliably, the tools to work with SQLite had been quite disparate. Mostly the result of open source enthuiats, these tools often lack features and are of varying quality. The bulk of them are not cross-platform and require users to use different software depending on what operating system they use. The different drivers for each programing language have different APIs, or provide different functionality.

SQLiteDB is desgned to "unleash" the power of SQLite by providing a user friendly online dashboard. Using only their browser users can easily create new databases, manage these, and download the backups.

The remote API of SQLiteDB allows developers to use directly SQL to work with their databases. The API responses are unified in a generally accepted and easy to use JSON format. Thus the developers are able to fully use the capabilities of SQLite in a pleasurable and transferrable way regardless of the language they use.

For ease of mind SQLiteDB provides daily backups of the databases alleviating the pain of day-to-day technical maintenance.

SQLiteDB also provides an online admin panel, which allows users to visually inspect the content and design their databases in their browsers.

SQLiteDB History

The idea behind SQLiteDB originated back in 2012, and a small proof-of-concept website was created. The proof-of-concept was successful and used internally.

But it was not until 2017 that the final name SQLIteDB was agreed on and the domain name purchased.

Then in 2018 a fully responsive modern interface was added, with the idea that the final users should be fully independent and able to fully manage their databases from the dashboard.

Help SQLiteDB

We want to make SQLiteDB the most intuitive and advanced platform for working with SQLite. You can help us achieve this goal. Send us your suggestions of how to improve the platform and make it better.