SQLiteDB Documentation

SQliteDB is a cloud service for running, monitoring, and maintaining remote SQLite databases. The SQLite databases are accessible via a secure HTTP based API.

SQLite Deployments

SQLite deployments are managed through the management panel at SQLiteDB, available after user login.

SQLite Versions

SQLiteDB supports the following SQLite versions:

  • SQLite 3.0


SQLiteDB deploys each SQLite database to a shared instance, each databases shares resources with the rest of the databases. For larger databases with high level of requests dedicated server instances are available on demand.


SQLiteDB secures your databases through the use of TLS/SSL, access key authentication, and IP whitelisting (in development).


SQLiteDB provides support for the use of the service itself. Support for development and performance of the database itself requires a SQLiteDB subscription. For details, contact SQLiteDB.

Next Steps

To get started, see Getting Started.

Additional Resources

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