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What is SQLiteDB?

SQLiteDB is a provider of cloud-based SQLite databases, which can be remotely managed via a secure API.

What is the Difference between Regular SQLite and the Cloud SQLite Provided by SQliteDB?

The regular SQLite database is local (i.e. on your computer or phone), usable only from the device that its located on. There are no backups by default. If the database gets corrupted, the data is gone.

The cloud based SQLite version provided by SQLiteDB removes this limitation. Using the secure API data can be inserted, updated or deleted from anywhere, using any device, or program language. The integrated daily backup provides resilience of the data, if database or data gets corrupted.

The web based admin panel provided by SQLiteDB can be used from anywhere, on any device to manage your cloud SQLite database. As a matter of fact, having in mind you can read this message, you can edit your database directly from your browser.

How Reliable is SQLiteDB?

As everything in live there are no guarantees, but we strive to do everything within our power to keep SQLiteDB alive and kicking at all times. Keep in mind there might be technical issues outside our control - servers, hosting issues, DNS propagations, etc. We are happy to credit back the pro-rated amount for any time the service has not been live.

Despite the disclaimer above SQLiteDB s quite reliable, as can be seen from the uptime monitor screenshot below.


Limited Concurrency. When SQLite read or writes to the database it lock the entire database file. If any process is reading/writing from any part of the database, all other processes are prevented from reading/writing to any other part of the database. This is why use SQLite for lightweight, non-critical processes.

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